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Air Conditioning Test Rig

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Air Conditioning Test Rig

We serve the clients by offering Air Conditioning Test Rig that works on simple vapor compression refrigeration cycle. Eco-friendly R 134 is used as refrigerants in our Air Conditioning Test Rig. Our Air Conditioning Test Rig is highly useful in conducting experiments on a vapor compression air conditioning unit. The Air Conditioning Test Rig with components mounted on the display board makes it easy for the students to study all the air conditioning process.

List of Experiments
  • To evaluate the tonnage capacity of the air conditioning system by enthalpy difference method
  • To evaluate actual and theoretical C.O.P. Of the system
  • To plot the refrigeration cycle on pH charts
  • To plot the psychrometric processes on psychrometric charts

Rating Conditions
  • Ambient temperature = 35oC
  • Atmospheric Pressure = 1.01 bar
  • Suction Pressure = 70 psig
  • Discharge Pressure = 300 psig
  • Evaporation temperature = 7.7oC
  • Discharge Temperature = 55oC

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