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Heat Pump Test Rig

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Heat Pump Test Rig

The Heat Pump Test Rig is a self –contained unit. All the components of Heat Pump Test Rig are mounted such that its operation and working can be easily understood. The required controls for temperature, pressure, and overload are provided in our Heat Pump Test Rig. The Heat Pump Test Rig uses a hermetically sealed compressor, heat rejection chamber, heat absorption chamber, and apparatus to measure the heat gain and heat loss.

List of Experiments
  • To study various components and controls used in heat pump
  • To evaluate gross heat rejection of the heat pump
  • To calculate actual & theoretical C.O.P. of the system
  • To plot system performance on Ph chart

Rating Conditions
  • Ambient temperature= 350 C
  • Atmospheric pressure = 1.01 bar
  • Suction pressure = 35 psig
  • Discharge pressure= 180 psig
  • Evaporation temperature = 7.70 C
  • Discharge temperature = 550 C.

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