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Vortex Tube Test Rig

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Vortex Tube Test Rig

The Vortex Tube Test Rig is one of the non- conventional methods of cooling which has no moving parts. It requires only source of compressed air. Through this tube, when air is admitted at high pressure, from one end, hot sir is discharged and from the other end, cold air comes out. The test rig is designed such that all the performance can be evaluated.

Customer Scope
  • Electrical power point 230 volts, 50 HZ, 1 ph, with 16 amps MCB.
  • Clear space of 3 m x 2 m.
  • Compressed air supply at 5 bar & 50 CFM

List of Experiments
  • To understand the principle of working Vortex Tube
  • To evaluate Adiabatic Efficiency of the system.
  • To evaluate C.O.P. of the system.
  • To find out Refrigeration Effect per kg of air supplied.


Parameter Description
Material of construction of the vortex tube M.S. tubeWith inlet nozzle and diaphragm
Temperature measurement Digital led display provided
Pressure measurement Dial type pressure gauge provided or manometer
Arrangement for air flow measurement Provided.
Air flow variation Valve provided
General arrangement Integral unit mounted on suitable panel
Supply Compressed air supply at 10 bar

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